• Kiera

10 Things To Do Quickly to get Decluttered in the New Year!

With the New Year comes an excitement for new possibilities! We start out feeling refreshed, less stressed and just overall happy! 2020 also brings us a new decade to make the life we want, make dreams happen, or continue making stronger what we have already. What we don't realize is how much our homes impact our day-to-day happiness. It's where we spend most of our time as a family in good times and bad. Because of that, here are 10 things you can do to quickly get decluttered in the New Year and keep doing at the beginning of each month for a quick reset.

1. Clean out your wallet.

It's something we carry with us everywhere and yet it most likely is weighing you down, literally. Clean out receipts, overflow of pennies and change, credit cards not used, etc.

2. Clean the center car console.

Many of us commute daily and specifically in DFW, that commute can take a while! Having a clean center car console will help settle the mind on the drive to and from work and around town. Throw away trash, put away anything that's piled up, and take a car wipe to clean it up.

3. Declutter the top of your end table next to your side of the bed.

It's the first and last thing you see every day so declutter and dust it off! All you really need is a clock or watch or phone that tells time (but not all!), a lamp, and if you like to read, a place for your most recent book.

4. Clear the clutter from your bathroom counter.

It does not have to be perfect but don't start and end your day with a counter full of stuff! Even if you have hair or make-up products that you use daily, having a lot out on the counter creates a feeling of overwhelm. Clear out old make-up and hair products you don't use very often to help simplify your morning routine so you have exactly what you need to get ready.

5. Turn the hangers around in your closet so everything is a backward question mark.

Many struggle with truly clearing out their closet to where it is not stuffed full and there is empty space... yes, empty space! So my biggest recommendation when it comes to the closet is to turn the hangers around at the beginning of the season or year and each time you wear an item, put it back like normal. As each season comes to a close, you'll see what you have not worn and can donate those items. The key is to commit to donating what you don't end up wearing!

6. Clean off your desk.

Many of us spend as much time working as we do at home, so clear off your desk both at work and home. This will help you work with a clear mind and focus better.

7. Update your calendar and minimize.

Half the time the clutter in our home is due to not having or taking the time to address it. This simply comes down to a busy calendar. Look at your obligations, appointments, kids activities, etc and see where you can cut. In general, try your best not to overbook or overcommit yourself.

8. Create a place for healthy snacks.

You may ask how this helps you declutter quickly but if you are starting this new year and decade with feeling refreshed and ready to do it all, having healthy snacks easily available will help you continue with your goals. Create a place and create the snacks. Whether it's a measured 2 tablespoons of almonds in a bag in the cabinet and/or celery cut up and cleaned in the refrigerator, figure out your favorite healthy snacks and take time each Sunday to prepare and put in their designated place.

9. Unsubscribe from daily emails you receive.

If you receive a lot of daily emails, it's time to unsubscribe. Take just a little time each morning or night to go through and unsubscribe. Yahoo allows you to designate email as spam, and Gmail recognizes email as primary, social and promotional. I still think unsubscribing is your best course of action so that you don't have to take any extra steps later to clean out those emails.

10. Implement a 15 minute pick-up session at the end of each day for every person in the house.

The key to staying decluttered and organized is to develop better habits, and a great one is to implement a pick-up session before you go to bed. I recommend each person in the house participating, even the littler ones. They may not be able to do pick-up for 15 minutes (more like 5-10 minutes), but the key is to start making this part of your routine at night.

If you take 5-15 minutes each night for the next 10 days to work on these, you'll be off to a great start for the New Year. Then you can begin each day with a little less clutter in your day-to-day life and kick off the New Year ready to go!