• Kiera

Decluttering Fun at Home

Now that we are all basically asked to stay at home 🏡 for the next two+ weeks with school being canceled here in #dfw and it looks like rain ☔️, I’m sure you are like me and trying to think of fun things for the kids to do. As I started making a list, because I am a Professional Organizer and Declutter Coach, I know of some things that could also help declutter the home and tidy it up while we wait this out. I thought I’d share here some decluttering FUN to help keep you sane 🙏🏼😁 and keep your kids included in the process... here are a few ideas💡:

1. Play The Minimalist Game!⁣

The idea is to get rid of one more item than you did the day before. So on the first day, everyone pick one item of their own stuff that they are willing to let go of. On the second day, two items and by the 14th day, 14 items. This can be something as simple as a hair tie or as big as a toy or piece of clothing. This works out to be 105 items per person so if you are a family of 4, after 14 days you will have gotten rid of 420 items. It sounds like a lot but know the average American household has 300,000 items!

2. “Clean-up, clean up, everybody clean up.” 🎶

Ask Alexa to “play the clean up song” for 10-15 minutes each night before settling in for the night. This or have them pick their favorite music or playlist and set a timer. This helps keep the kids involved, especially the littler ones, while maintaining your sanity that the house has not been completely destroyed. ⁣

3. Make a daily to do list.⁣

My friend Lisa shared her list of what each child has to do every day before they can even think about electronics! It ranges from simple things like getting dressed, making the bed, cleaning up something to helping mom with a chore ❤️. I particularly like those last two 😄⁣

4. 10 minutes a day keeps the doctor away... and in this case, addresses some stress. ⁣

As a parent, there is probably an area in your home that you have not had time to deal with and it stresses you out a bit. Now is the time! It could be a junk drawer, a closet, your dresser etc. Take 10 minutes every day and work on that space. You could include the family or make this one just for you.

5. Declutter the Other 😬😁🙌🏻 Game⁣

This one I recommend for the adults and older teenagers/siblings in the house. You can take 10 or 15 minutes a day and go through the other person’s stuff and pick out all the things that you want them to declutter. Then lay it out on the table. Each person stands in front of what was decluttered for them, so your own stuff, and pick out what you agree to let go of. The person that let’s go of the most, wins! You can change up partners each time but be sure to be respectful on this one. As much as we want to declutter our husband’s favorite shirt from 1992, it may not happen 😆. ⁣

Overall Tips: ⁣

✍🏼 The key is to make it fun and not about going big. You’ll find at the end of 14 days that you’ve actually decluttered more than you would otherwise. ⁣

💪🏻 Make it a competition. Whether it’s a race or number of items, you could have some real fun with these! ⁣

🎉 Set up some sort of reward system if you think that will help. Little kids like stickers, stars, a piece of chocolate etc. It can be whatever you have in the house. Bigger kids like money, gift cards, etc- you know your kids and significant other so have fun with the prizes! ⁣

🙊 Each day, put the items collected for donation out of site! Some place no one will walk by or see etc. Otherwise those items have a way of finding there way back in because suddenly it’s their new favorite (it’s not). Personally I like filling a black bag(s) and putting in the trunk of a car. ⁣

Good luck 🍀, have fun 🎉, and stay safe at home! ⁣