• Kiera

"March Forth"

The only day of the year that tells you to do something. So I'm doing something!

Over the years today has become somewhat significant for us as a family and ironically enough I can't march forth until I look back and tell you why. If you've read the About Me section on my website, then you know that my very first inspiration in starting to declutter my life came from my father, the hoarder. He may not agree to call himself a hoarder but anyone that has entered his house would agree. But know that he is much more than that to me, after all, he's my Dad! He is a Vietnam veteran. He has a high school education and is wicked smart. He is a retired machinist. He likes precision and was very good at his job for many years. He was self-employed and an entrepreneur. He reads a ton and can pretty much have any kind of conversation with you whether you are 20 or 75 (my twin 4-year-olds he's still working on). He is opinionated. He is extremely funny and sarcastic. He is my Dad and I love him. And it's his birthday today, March 4th. (Happy Birthday Dad!) Fast forward to my husband whom when we combined two full households into one... Talk about clutter! We lived in his two-bedroom, two story condo with a full basement for 1.5 years and worked on decluttering in any free time we had. In those early days we fought a lot trying to figure out what we should keep and what we should get rid of. Then we moved to the Midwest where the cost of living was cheaper so what did we do, we bought a big house! And we mostly filled it with stuff. I see my Facebook memories come up with "just refinished the already finished basement and we now have a fully furnished mother-in-law suite." I literally want to slap that girl because somewhere along the way we missed the point of decluttering. We spent so much time working on that house that we forgot to date. Then I had our first child and was home for a year. I discovered I did not want to spend my time cleaning more stuff, working on a complex yard, or adding decor to my home. I wanted to spend it with my new precious baby girl! It took us almost four years to get pregnant with our twins. And four days after we found out we were pregnant with twins, on March 4th, 2014, my husband was laid off from his job. I was in a contract job with no benefits and no guarantee of being hired on. Talk about tough times. But that very day, we decided to do exactly what we needed to do and "march forth." We decided to sell and donate almost everything in that big house and move to the DFW area in Texas where my mom and stepdad live. Best decision ever. That day brought a wave of emotions but it turns out, looking back, it was one of the best days for us as a family. March forth... and that's exactly what we have done! We have since downsized even though we grew our family. We have a lot less stuff but do not get me wrong, I have very active children that love to play and I want to foster that play. We do not have a playroom but we do have stuff. That's real life, right?! Since then I have helped so many friends, family, and friends of those friends and family declutter their stuff, advise them on what to do (and what not to do), read countless books on the subject of organizing and decluttering, and just overall try to live what I teach and do. So today, on March 4th, 2019, I am officially launching this site and my business, Real Life Decluttered. The name is exactly that... this is real life, friends. It is not perfect and it is messy, but our physical clutter does not have to own us. Maybe you know a hoarder? Maybe you know a busy mom that is barely able to stay above water between her work and her kids but desperately needs down time? Maybe you know a Dad or retirees that are looking to downsize? Maybe you know someone that has a specific decluttering project that they need direction on? Maybe you know someone that needs a helping hand because they are tired, their health prevents them from doing more, or they just can't focus on what to do next? Or maybe this is you. It's okay to ask for help and I'm here when you are ready.