• Kiera

Time Is Essential

Pre-COVID19, people rushed around from home to work to kids activities to dinners out to home again. Then the weekends were packed full of more kids activities, friend and family gatherings, laundry, grocery store shopping and everything in between. We squeezed in every thing that we needed to do to get us ready to do it all over again the following week. Sound familiar? As Texas begins to re-open, what do you think about how you've spent these last nearly 7 weeks at home?

Many were trying to balance work with homeschooling their children. Suddenly everyone was preparing and cooking 3 meals per day everyday. Grocery shopping was challenging as we all fought for that last roll of toilet paper! And some decided to finally get their to-do list done and start to go through the things piling up in their homes.

But there was no traffic; no long commute to deal with to and from work; gas tanks remained full. Some companies saw an increase in productivity as people were getting more done working from home without so many meetings to run to. Some made time for exercising and others finally got to binge watch on tv shows they never had time for before. And some, like me, had dinner together as a family every single night for the first time since having kids. It was their favorite part of the day and mine too.

As a Declutter Coach, many times I see first-hand the struggle people have in "doing it all." I was once that person so I recognize the perfectionism. It does not matter if we are a busy working professional, a stay at home mom, or a retiree. As a society, we hit a point where free time did not exist. Even down time or relaxation was spent doing something, whether it be laundry and netflix at home or getting our nails done and lunch with friends. While these can be fun things to do, my hope for society as a whole is that we have taken this time to re-evaluate how we spend our time and what is essential.

We need more time with our families and friends. We need more time in our homes. We spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a home that means more than where we sleep and sometimes eat. For me personally, I realized that I was working so much that I did not make enough time for self-care or time with friends. I also realized that I need help, not just in my business, but at home. I could get into the details here, but honestly it's not important because I know I'm not alone, and what I want to change go forward may be different for what you want to change, or keep the same. Either way, everyone has been impacted by COVID19, whether you had the virus or not.

Many have lost loved ones through all of this. It is devastating and no words can make it better. And yet for many of us, I can't help but feel that we have also gained loved ones through this time at home. When tragedy strikes, we realize quickly who is there to help or just hold your hand, even virtually. We had the time to talk on the phone and not just text, time to facetime or skype, and time to eat dinner as a family without Mom or Dad stuck in traffic.

We had time to attend networking meetings that were hard to physically get to before because now we could quickly hop on Zoom. We had time to think about our day-to-day both at work and at home. Time finally became essential because it was our social responsibility to stay home. All-in-all, as we try to get back to a new normal, I beg the question, what do you consider essential in how you spend your time? Has this forever changed the way you operate day-to-day?