Frequently Asked Questions


The thought of hiring a Declutter Coach & Professional Organizer brings up all sorts of feelings and questions. I can help you with the feelings part when we meet because I understand more than most how hard this can be, but for now, here are the most common questions people ask themselves during this process.

 01  Why declutter and organize?

Life gets busy. Life gets busier when you are surrounded by stuff, overwhelmed by commitments, or just trying to downsize or minimize. Once you live in a decluttered and organized environment, you not only feel LESS stressed and overwhelmed but it also helps bring a calm and sense of order to your home. It also allows you have a system in place for future. It allows you to bring those once lost or hidden treasures out for all to see because you now have the space to enjoy them.


Once you work in a decluttered and organized environment, you will feel a better sense of focus and efficiency in your daily goals and projects. Overall, decluttering and organizing is for the whole family. From kids to retirees to entrepreneurs, it's not just about getting organized. It's about clearing out the clutter so that you and your family are no longer burdened by the chaos.


 02  Why choose DFW Decluttered?

DFW Decluttered is part of NAPO, the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals (NAPO). This means that we have had training and hands-on experience, as well as working on or earned the designation of Certified Professional Organizer.  Helping others get decluttered and organized is not a hobby for us but a real way to help you in your home or small business.  Also, I'm not going to come into your home, organize what you have, and leave you to figure it out next time when things get busy. I will help you declutter and establish a system to maintain your decluttered and organized space. 

 03  What's the benefit of hiring someone to help me?

It can feel very overwhelming and hard to try to go through your things and get yourself organized on your own. Plus many times you just physically need the help. And sometimes that help is best left to someone outside the family to provide perspective and guidance on where to work next. Even with a well-laid out plan, you can get derailed and distracted or hit a wall. Having a Declutter Coach that is also a Professional Organizer allows you to stay on task, go through your emotions on your timeline versus a family member's and yet also let's your family know you are serious about decluttering. You will save time and have a more effective process in your newly decluttered and organized space.

 04  I can't afford to hire help so how can I do this on my own?

On-site assistance and coaching is always my number one suggestion, but if you are more a DIY'er or have limited time or budget, the best part of what I do is that I can offer you Virtual Decluttering & Organizing Session(s). These are in two hour increments, not consecutively, in which the first hour we work together via Skype, Zoom or Facetime; and then the second hour you work on your own based on the guidance I've given you. I ask that you commit to that hour on your own within 24-36 hours so that you put what I've taught into action.


On average, clients need 4-6 virtual sessions that we schedule at your convenience, but some clients need more ongoing sessions and some need less. My belief is that everyone can afford to hire me for as little or as much as they need me because I make it affordable through various options.

 05  How much does it cost?

On average organizers in DFW range from $60-80 per hour (be sure to check that they are part of For my on-site clients, instead of charging by the hour, I charge by the project. I found that typically my clients like to have a finite number of how much a space(s) will cost and I found this to be more cost effective for my clients. This also helps alleviate pressure to make decisions while going through some of the harder things to declutter.  There are a number of things that go into a project price, such as the space I am decluttering and organizing and how available you are in person or via text.

For virtual clients, my typical rate is $60/hour. So for example, if we schedule the first session (one hour with me, one hour on your own), the cost is $60 plus any local taxes & fees. I do prefer to schedule a minimum of two sessions, but this is not a requirement.  

 06  How long will this take?

Every space is different and each client is different, so timing is very specific. However, if you are under a timeline, then we will work within that timeline. I will never make promises I can't keep as long as we work diligently and to the schedule we have agreed to.

07  Do I have to get rid of things?

Yes. DFW Decluttered means clearing out the clutter, putting those items in the past! However, you dictate what we get rid of and what we don't. There is never pressure from me. I am here to help guide you through the process but my clients will tell you that I emphatically believe you get the final say.  

 08  Do you help with moving? NEW as of June 2020!

I can help you declutter your things and prepare for minimizing what you have to move, especially if downsizing, which I highly recommend so that you can enjoy your new home more, however, myself and my team can help pack and unpack your belongings. We do not physically move you from one house to another but I can refer you to a few great moving companies, as well as a local company that can help you coordinate all the details that go into planning a move.   

 09  What area do you cover and how far are you willing to travel?

My business is located in the Dallas-Fort Worth MetroPlex and this is where the majority of my clients reside.  I have worked in Fort Worth, Grapevine, Colleyville, Southlake, Keller, Bedford, Hurst, Trophy Club, Arlington, and Mansfield and am always adding new towns to the list! For me it is not about the distance but about doing what I can to help you!


I am also willing to travel within the continental United States and offer my services via FaceTime, Skype, Zoom and by phone to anywhere in the world. I have done this successfully with several clients.