Decluttering and organizing is by no means an easy process but having someone that has done this before by your side can make all the difference. My goal with the services I provide is to help you declutter and organize your home or small business so that you start living a clutter-free and more organized (and simplified) life. 

Step 1: Free Consultation


We start with a phone conversation, email or text exchange for you to tell me what your declutter and organization needs are and how I can best help you.

If you decide you'd like me to see the space, for local clients I will then visit you in your home or area you need help with for 30 minutes for you to share with me what your goals are, where your challenges are, and any timeline you may have.  For virtual clients, we do this via Facetime, Zoom or Skype. For all, I have a list of questions I go through in order to come up with the best plan specific for you and the areas in need.  

The consultation is free and meant to establish what your needs are and how I can best help you. Following the consultation, I provide a quote to you via email. 

Declutter & Organizing 
On-site Session(s)

Depending on the space and your needs, I can work independently or offer hands-on assistance in decluttering and organizing your space. Many clients need guidance on where to start, accountability through the process, decluttering and a system put in place that will help organize the space. Other clients have limited time and can provide input along the way but take a more hands-off approach. I work to your goals.


I also offer coaching where I deep dive into the tips and tricks to help maintain the space. I do not charge extra for coaching as it can be easily integrated as part of the process.


I can make donations on your behalf on the days I am on-site, and provide advice on how to operate a low-stress garage sale. 

Virtual Decluttering & Organizing Session(s)


A great way to get organized is to work with me virtually. This is more for someone that is a DIY'er, has limited time and/or budget. We do this via Facetime, Skype or Zoom (I'll help you if you are not sure how to do this) and we schedule sessions in two hour increments. I work with you for the first hour, and then you work the second hour on your own with the guidance I've provided. 

Many times clients need 4-5 sessions, but some are able to complete a space in less sessions and some more. It really depends on the space and how much you are able to do on your own. 

Video Tutorials
The Cost of Decluttering


In this video I discuss what it will cost you to declutter and what you will gain to help offset that cost. Something you will learn about me is that I am very financially conscious so I make sure my clients get the most for their money.

Why Do Garage Sales


Everyone is so overwhelmed by doing a garage sale so they don't do them. Yet like so many things in life, it's really about mindset. In this video I explain why Garage Sales can be a great experience and why you should consider doing one.

First Steps of Decluttering


In this video I explain the very first steps of decluttering and a method that is key to long-term success.