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DFW decluttered LLC
Services & Pricing


DFW Decluttered™ offers a full array of services in order to meet the various needs of clients.

Home Organizing

Get on-site decluttering and organizing services!

Many clients need a helping hand, are not sure where to start, or have limited time and want someone to come in and get started. We work to your goals! 


We are a team of women that want to make the process of getting decluttered and organized easier on you! Because we work as a team, this shortens the time we are in your space and is ultimately more affordable than hiring an individual organizer. 


Home organizing spaces include pantries, kitchens, closets, bedrooms, bathrooms, laundry rooms, living areas, playrooms, craft rooms, storage sheds and garages (note we do not work on garages, attics or storage sheds from mid-June to mid-September due to the heat). We also organize small business offices and help with stockrooms, paper, and organizing supplies.

Team-Based Pricing: I offer a free consultation where we virtually walk the space together and I ask you specific questions about each space. I then follow up with a written quote via email in which I make a recommendation on how many from my team are necessary to declutter and organize the space(s) in the timeframe that you have, while also considering your budget. I have found that my clients are less stressed when they have a finite price. I generally do not charge hourly as I prefer my clients to not feel like they are on the clock when making decisions. Factors considered in a quote include the amount of stuff that needs to be gone through, the time it will take onsite, the amount of donation trips that will be made, how much needs to be recycled, shopping time for supplies and where the home or small business is located in the DFW area.
*Note that with increased gas prices, we have switched our in-home consultations to virtual. This helps us offset costs incurred,

while not increasing our overall pricing. If you prefer an in-person consultation, there is a one-time fee of $75.


1:1 Organizing Package

Get focused support from one of our Team Lead Organizers

Option to work 1:1 with a team member: While working with a team is more cost effective, we recognize that at times, you prefer to just work one-on-one with an organizer in your home. For this reason we do offer the option to purchase a 5-hour package for $375. This package includes the same exact services outlined in our home organizing overview above, the only difference being, you are working with one organizer versus a team.

Decluttered Craft Room - Before

Craft Room (Before)

Decluttered Craft Room - After

Craft Room (After)

Decluttered Office - Before

Office (before)

Decluttered Office - After

Office (After)

Home Organizing
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Organizing Maintenance Packages

Tidy up and maintain an organized space!

(For clients we have already organized for!)

Are you spending time before your house cleaner arrives to pick up so that they can clean the house? Are you struggling to tidy up and keep everything in its place? This is where a support member of my team can help you maintain the space we’ve already organized. An Organizing Assistant can come to your house and tidy up the space(s) so that you or your house cleaner have one less thing to stress about! We know that real life is messy and busy, so this is our way of helping you maintain your organized spaces! 


Great spaces to help with maintenance include filing and recycling mail, tidying up toys, straightening out closets and cleaning up the pantry. 


Packages are offered in 3-hour increments and must be scheduled within 3 months of initial service. 


3 hours: $195, paid in full prior to the each service

Organized Playroom (before)

Playroom (Before)

Organized Playroom (after)

Organized Playroom (After)

Organizing Maintenance Packages

Organized Playroom (After)

Organizing Maitenance Packages

Unpacking Services

Get unpacked faster in your new home!

When moving into a new home, the best gift you can give yourself is having a team unpack and organize your belongings so that you can enjoy your new space. Unpacking can take weeks, if not months, and feels overwhelming. Take the stress out of moving into a new space and hire us to help get you settled.


Team of 2: $150/hour

Team of 3: $210/hour

Team of 4: $280/hour

Team of 5: $335/hour

In addition to efficiently unpacking your items, our team of organizers' expertise is finding a home for your belongings. You will be able to enjoy your new house almost immediately!

Although a consultation is not required, it is free and allows me to give you a rough estimate. This is also where we determine if you need kitchen and bathroom liner put down, how things were packed that can impact unpacking, what areas you want us to focus on so we bring any organizing supplies with us, etc. 

Organized Garage (before unpacking)

Garage (Before)

Organized Garage (after unpacking)

Organized Garage (After)

Unpacking before

Unpacking (Before)

Unpacking (in progress)

Unpacking (In Progress)

Unpacking (after)

Unpacking (After)

Unpacking Services

Virtual DIY Packages

On a budget, DIY with an expert!

A great way to get organized on a budget or if you do not live in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, is to work with me virtually.  


How it works: You will first send me photos of the space(s) you are looking to declutter and organize. Once our session is scheduled and paid for upfront, I will work with you for 45 minutes via Zoom and then ask you to work for 45 minutes on your own within 1-2 days. The session will be followed up by an email that includes links to any organizing products we discussed during the call and a 48 hour time period for follow up questions via text.


We have successfully organized a whole pantry in one session, as well as a large playroom and linen closet in two! We can get a lot accomplished in a short amount of time.


1 session: $120

4 sessions: $400 (great for multiple areas!)


*Note that free consultations are not applicable to virtual organizing sessions, as we only ask for photos of the space(s) you are hoping to address, prior to the session. 

Virtual thank you after

Virtual (After)

Virtual before

Virtual (Before)

Virtual before 2

Virtual (Before)

Virtual after

Virtual (After)

Virtual DIY Packages

Collectibles Advisory

Make money from the treasures in your home!

It is amazing how many homes we help declutter and find treasures that clients no longer want! Or items they think may be worth something but are unsure what to do next. As a Collectibles Advisor and Founding Member of The Keys Guild,* I have access to specialized resources and a variety of experts and auction houses to make sure you get the best price for the treasures you choose to sell. And the best part is that I only help you if I know I can get you a better price than you can get on your own! Such items can include jewelry, coins, art, and other collectibles.  


*The Keys Guild is a mastermind group of trained Professional Organizers from around the country. Please note that this is not an appraisal service.

Stacking Coins
Pile of Golden Jewelry
Fine Jewelry Display
Collectibles Advisory
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